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A DOG IS A DOG IS A DOG! SOMETIMES MUTTS ARE THE BEST CHOICE! opposed to your desired "trendy desgner dog".
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Feb, 2019:

We may also have miniature dachshund puppies!
Please call 450-264-3932 for our current
availability of these and our Boxer puppies.

Have you considered buying your puppy through the ATHELSTAN BARN SALES ?
A 10% discount may be offered!
Some Hinchinbrooke puppies...
Hinchinbrooke, Québec.

Joy and David Levers
1461 Route 202,
Hinchinbrooke, Québec J0S 1H0
(just South of Huntingdon)
tel: 450-264-3932
Our boxer male stud.

Boxer puppies.
. . .

Our kennel is located in Hinchinbrooke, just South of Huntingdon, Quebec.
          (About 60 Km West of Montreal, Québec)
We are a home based breeder: our puppies are raised in our home with love and care.

. . .

We take pride in placing our Boxer puppies into great loving homes.

. . .
Pay attention to the following EXCELLENT advice!

And- we have llamas also!
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