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Dec, 2016:

We now have miniature dachshund puppies!

Please call 450-264-3932 for our current
availability of these and our Boxer puppies.

Some Hinchinbrooke puppies...
Hinchinbrooke, Québec.

Joy and David Levers
1461 Route 202,
Hinchinbrooke, Québec J0S 1H0
(just South of Huntingdon)
tel: 450-264-3932
Our boxer male stud.

Boxer puppies.
. . .

Our kennel is located in Hinchinbrooke, just South of Huntingdon, Quebec.
          (About 60 Km West of Montreal, Québec)
We are a home based breeder: our puppies are raised in our home with love and care.

. . .

We take pride in placing our Boxer puppies into great loving homes.

. . .
Pay attention to the following EXCELLENT advice!

And- we have llamas also!
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